Scottish Education System

Scotland has been leading the way in education since the early part of the 15th century. The education systems of countries like the USA, Canada and China mirror the model that was pioneered by the Scots. The approach is focussed on the needs of you as a student, and is designed to create time and space for individual development.

Flexibility is at the heart of the Scottish education system, and you will be encouraged to build a programme that suits your needs, including cross-faculty study. For example, you can be developing skills in product development as well as learning how to market it at the same time.
Credit transfer is simple with a unified system which maps all qualifications and how they relate to each other. So students, institutions and employers can see at a glance what level has been achieved, what that means, and what progression routes are possible.

You can find out more at the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) website.


Benefit from Scotland's research excellence

Scotland produces more academic papers and citations per 10,000 of the population than any other country in the world. Around half of Scotland's research has been awarded five or five* ratings (which signify international excellence) in the UK Research Assessment Exercise (RAE).

You can find out more at the RAE website.

The inspirational and committed teachers in Scottish institutions are the people writing the textbooks, creating the inventions and making the ground-breaking discoveries. They will challenge and support you at every stage in your studies to ensure that you reach your full potential. Study in Scotland and you will emerge with the confidence, knowledge and skills to put your own unique stamp on the world.